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Staff knees up! Client Shin-dig! Team Get Together! Corporate Bash!

Call it whatever you want but whatever you do, call Sounds Familiar!

We've hosted thousands of private hire parties so we
guarantee you'll be in excellent handS!

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See below for 5* reviews from some of our happy clients.


"I saw the CEO standing on a chair belting out power ballads"

“My team looked at me as if I was a complete nutjob when I suggested we have a music quiz to round off the most important client and agency event we’d ever staged.


My CEO, flat out refused to believe it would be any good and made lots of indirect threats about job security if it was shit.


On the night, Al and the team went down a storm and once I saw the CEO standing on his chair belting out power ballads, I knew I was safe. We’ve used SF since then and will again. It helps that I am awesome at quizzes and always win…”

Louise Richardson, Marketing Director, Mindshare UK

what do our clients say?


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  • Is it possible to buy tickets for a large group?
    Yes. We have large group tickets available to buy and you can add more if you wish. ie if you want to bring 60 people along you can buy a Group of 40 and a Group of 20.
  • Can my large group all sit together?
    Yes, if you have bought the group tickets under the same lead name we’ll make sure you are all seated together. If they're under different names, email to let us know you’re all part of the same group and we’ll seat you together.
  • My friends George, John & Ringo want to join my Team of 6. Shall I tell them to buy single tickets & just join us when they arrive?
    They can buy single tickets, or a group of 3 but they MUST let us know that they are part of your group otherwise you won't be seated together.
  • There are 15 of us coming as a group, is there a limit to how many per team?
    It’s 10 to a Quiz Team maximum to make it fairer to smaller teams of 2 or 3 etc. If there are more of you in your group, you can still sit all together but you’ll have to split up into separate teams. So if there are 15 of you – then you can split into a team of 8 and a team of 7 - or however you want to arrange it.
  • I’ve bought tickets for a group of us but one can’t make it, do you do refunds?
    Please check our Ts&Cs at the bottom of the page on our site, we usually don't do refunds. If a whole group can’t make the date, we can move your booking to another Sounds Familiar (excluding December dates or NYE) providing your next choice isn't sold out. Please note this applies ONLY to tickets that are booked via Sounds Familiar. It does NOT apply to special shows (Between the Bridges/Winterville etc), festivals or at venues outside of London where tickets are sold via the venue. In that instance you must check directly with the venue and read their ticket Ts&Cs.
  • It’s my friend’s birthday/hen party/divorce celebration, can you give her a shout out?
    Absolutely!! It helps to email us in advance with your friends’ name and definitely come up to us to remind us. We’ll give them a shout out during the quiz.
  • Is it ok to bring my 15 year old son? He’ll be really well behaved and we won’t let him drink. He looks 18.
    Unfortunately, most venues carry laws meaning minors can’t attend our shows – if anything goes wrong, the venue could end up losing its licence and we may not be able to play there again. And the world will implode. And it’ll all be your fault.
  • My mates have been badgering me to come along to SFMQ but I don’t have as much knowledge as them. Will I have a shit time?
    NO! Sounds Familiar is all about a brilliant night out and packing you off with a smile on your face. You don’t need to know the answers to have a good time and we’ll let you into a secret, it’s not supposed to be competitive! It's more like a club night with a quizzy twist!
  • My Auntie Daphne wants to come along and reckons she knows loads about music, but that’s all really old stuff – shall I tell her she won’t know anything?"
    No way!! Auntie Daph is more than welcome! We include loads of different songs from loads of different eras and genres. She’ll probably show you up to be honest.
  • What are the timings?
    Check your tickets for the info but most venues open their doors at 6pm or 6.30pm. Sounds Familiar starts at 7.30pm so make sure you’re in your teams and have handed in your team name and Joker! SFMQ runs for approx 2.5 hours with a 10 minute break. It’s usually all wrapped up by 11pm.
  • Do tickets include drinks or food?
    No, food & drink aren’t included in the tickets, but it is a ticket to the UK’s biggest and best music quiz and we think you’ll love it!
  • Can you arrange drinks and food for us at the venue?
    Unfortunately we can’t do that, but if you contact the venue directly they should be able to help you.
  • I love Sounds Familiar! Can I come and work with you?
    Yes! The business is expanding rapidly and we looking for hosts, comperes, DJs and helpers. Get in touch!
  • I really want to come to an SFMQ but can’t find a show near me. What can I do?
    Email us, let us know whereabouts you are and we’ll research the area to see what venues may be close or whether we are launching near you soon.
  • I run a venue and would love you to bring SFMQ to our town. Are you interested?
    Thanks! We may well be interested. It helps if you have in-house trestle tables and benches (or bar furniture/staging area/AV equipemnt) but drop us an email with more info!
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