staff knees up! Client Shin-dig! Team Get Together! Corporate Bash!
Call it whatever you want but whatever you do, call sounds familiar!
we STITCH TOGETHER 100 epic tracks into 1 awesome quiz 
and we always make sure there's something for EVERYONE.
we have hosted thousands of private hire parties so 
guarantee you'll be in excellent hands!


"I saw the CEO standing on a chair belting out power ballads"

“My team looked at me as if I was a complete nutjob when I suggested we have a music quiz to round off the most important client and agency event we’d ever staged. My CEO, in particular, flat out refused to believe it would be any good and made lots of indirect threats about job security if it was shit. On the night, Al and the team went down a storm and once I saw the CEO standing on his chair belting out power ballads, I knew I was safe. We’ve used SF since then and will again. It helps that I am awesome at quizzes and always win…”

Louise Richardson, Director of Marketing, Mindshare UK




Thanks for emailing. We'll be in touch within 24 hours.



Does the SFMQ hire fee include venue hire or food and drink as well?

Any venue hire or minimum spend requirements would be additional and would be set by the venue, same with food and drink. Our hire fee does include a 3 hour quiz, prizes, quiz packs, pens, inflatable props, SFMQ dedicated booking team, event staff, confetti and over 100 wall to wall bangers. We think you'll love it!

Can you arrange food and drinks for our private hire event?

The venue will be best placed to help you to arrange food and drinks and if it's one of our partner venues we will put you in touch with them directly.

They know how all that stuff works better than us, we're no use on that level, we just eat and drink music! (And pizzas, and beer... and wine)

Can we work with you on the quiz and make suggestions of what we want included?

We find mostly everyone is more than happy with one of our amazing SFMQ quizzes! If it's a case of 'we’d love a lot of 80s pop' or 'please can you include an Indie anthems round?' then we'll be happy to do that. If you're looking for something more tailored such as including certain songs or specifically themed rounds then this will fall under our Bespoke Service. Please email our dedicated bookings team on to find out more.

We want to book SFMQ for our office party but have a limited budget, what can we do?

Get in touch and let's see what we can do to help. There are a few options we can suggest. One option is that you choose to attend a residency instead of private booking, we can make sure you're all sat together or in a certain section of the venue - and we know you'll have an awesome time!

Can I book you for my birthday/wedding/stag/festival?

You sure can! Just drop an email to with as much info as you can and we'll send you more details.

We want to put a charity night on to raise money for our Grandad's allotment shed repairs. Would you do this for free?

As we get so many charity requests it's sadly impossible for us to do all of them (otherwise we'd end up being a charity ourselves), but please get in touch and if it's a cause close to our hearts then we'll see what we can do to help! Sorry Grandad!