Frequently asked questions

GENERAL (applies to Host, DJs or Crew Member)

- Experienced or confident standing up in front of crowds big or small

- Fun, positive with a love of all kinds of music

- Approachable - we’re dealing with members of the public here people!

- Organised (knowing ahead roughly how many teams, amount of supplies required, guestlist places, etc)

- Confident dealing with the occasional tricky customer

- Happy to mark papers, input scores onto a very basic Excel spreadsheet

- Able to travel around for gigs (car would be great but not essential) within your general region


- Approachable personality – deadpan is fine as long as you don’t scare people!

- Can follow a script but put your own personality into it

- Keep the pace of the quiz going, avoiding silences.

- Get into the music, get people up and dancing but not so it’s forced

- Push and promote the events across your channels

- Happy to help at the venue with setting up for the quiz


- We need a tech-savvy person with a laptop and DJ software,

- Happy to plug into the venue’s mixer with a soundcard or your own midi-mixer

- Owns an array of cables, adaptors for emergencies.

- Owns a mic (not essential as venue usually would have one but handy for back up)

- Happy to ‘push the buttons’ on pre-packaged quiz throughout the event.

- Most venues do require a bit of DJing after so you can fill your boots then!

- Keeping music, beds/jingles running smoothly in the right place

- Helping with AV or visuals set up, host or crew member can do this as well

- Has PLI and PAT Tested equipment (not always essential but some venues and some corporates do ask for this info)

- If you have your own PA/speaker system that’s a huge bonus especially for corporate bookings in your area, but not essential


EMAIL US AT: and if you’re interested or if you want more info.

Due to Sounds Familiar rapidly expanding, we are in need of new crew members all over the UK mainly in or around Liverpool, Manchester, Blackburn, The Midlands, London, South East , South Coast and soon Wales, Scotland – all over really!   If you fancy joining us, here’s what we’re looking for


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