Sounds Familiar is the Biggest, Best & Most Raucous Music Quiz in the UK. We've got over 100 epic bangers wrapped up in 1 killer night with loads of genres and all the decades covered.

Sounds Familiar differs from any other quiz you may have been to. For a start, it’s not geared towards serious quizzers – it’s not meant to be THAT competitive. It’s an infectious, funny and raucous night out. We like to describe Sounds Familiar as party disguised as a quiz or a club night with a quizzy twist! You'll hear anything from ABBA to B*witched, David Bowie to Dire Straits, Stormzy to Jay Z, we have Power Ballads, Guilty Pleasures, Old Skool Hits, 80s Pop, 90s Indie, current stuff, Motown, Rock, Mash Ups Email us at al.scott@soundsfamiliar.co and ali.rose@soundsfamiliar.co or info@soundsfamiliar.co

What is Sounds Familiar then?

Sounds Familiar is a brilliant night out. It's not aimed at serious quizzers. Really. It's not supposed to be that competitive. Think of it as a club night with a quiz twist. We have loads of decades, eras and loads of genres covered. Small groups of 2 up to large groups of 50 are all welcome. We'll give you 100 killer tunes in 1 epic night - you bring the dance moves.

Our Music 'Rounds'

We have a new Sounds Familiar each month and we'll give you a 'round' sheet with an explanation on what to expect from that night! We use a wide mix of genres across all the decades. Past examples of our rounds include ‘WITH OR WITHOUT EU’ – a round based on the Brexit shitstorm. ‘GIBB US A CLUE’ 12 songs written - but not necessarily sung - by The Brothers Gibb (Bee Gees to me and you), or ‘GIRL POWER’ 12 Power Ballads by female artists. Pretty much anything goes, as long as it's AWESOME.

The Wheel Of Forchoooooon

The beloved SFMQ WHEEL OF FORCHOOOOON is the stuff of legends. A fairly innocuous looking flimsy circular piece of chipboard on a shit tripod, grown men have had bare knuckle fights over getting up on stage to spin the wheel. It’s literally the highest echelon of kudos. YOU get to decide the next theme of music that you all go beserk to! The Wheel features up to 8 bonus rounds, all 10 songs each and has has delighted thousands of people with rounds such as QUIZNEY (you can guess), DO MAKE A SONG AND DANCE ABOUT IT (songs from musicals), COUCH POTATO (TV theme tunes).


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